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Reads like a Jimmy Buffet song sung by Woody Allen

20 years of learning to sail by trial & terror

Asthmatic, bookish and timid, young Glenn Patron spent his childhood dreaming of a life of adventure like the  stories he read in the sanctuary of his New York City bedroom.

As an adult, bumbling along on the edge of failure, his life changed when he  married an adventurous saltwater lady. Rebuilding an abandoned 30’ sloop   starts them on a  20 year journey of mishaps and triumphs that challenge his beliefs, goals and identity.

"Step aboard and experience white knuckle passages through  reefs,  stand-up comedy surrounded by nude models and dealing with a sinking sailboat in the North Atlantic"

"Sailing Book of the Year"

"Best sailing book of the year"

For information:

A portion of all sales shall be donated to the "Ocean Conservancy" for the cleaning of our oceans for future generations. This message has been approved by Glenn Patron

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